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Home Brew Ingredients To Make Simple And Tasty Home Brews   Throughout time, beer has been evolving from simple home brews with basic ingredients to the fine bottled beverages sold around the world today.

Throughout time, beer has been evolving from simple home brews with basic ingredients to the fine bottled beverages sold around the world today.

Can you imagine the famous Egyptian King Tut asking one of his servants to bring him a cold brewsky this is after all is Egypt.

Home Brew Ingredients.

Now Who would have thought that the same basic ingredients that made those Clydesdales famous could trace its origins back to the land of the pyramids and sphinxes?  And I’ll bet some of those Pharaohs, probably had their own home brew with special ingredients made in a secret lab in the palace.  Just think of it as the world's first moonshine.  Those good O’l Duke boys and Unca Jesse could really have a run for their money when it comes to home-made alcohol.   Just as those in early history did, many people today want to ditch Budweiser, Corona, and even Heineken for something with a more personal touch.  Home brewery kits have become more and more popular in the past recent years.  Using their own recipes and ingredients to make home brews, men especially are living the good life.  Some even bottle their creations for friends and family to enjoy.  Microbrewery is fast becoming a favorite hobby for both men and women.    These Home Brew Ingredients Are Not Your Everyday Shopping List   What do you need to make a really great beer?  What do you need to take to make a really bad beer?  The same basic ingredients. From the best to the worst, one thing remains the same with all home brews; those basic ingredients.  Regardless of whatever extra flare you decide to add later, most of the recipes will call for the same few base home brew ingredients.

So what exactly goes in beer? There are three ingredients that are key to any home brew beer recipe:

Malted barely (or any kind of fermentable starch source). Water. Yeast.


1 can (3.75 lbs) Coopers "Bitter" Brewing Kit 2 lbs of gold or light dry malt extract 1 oz Cascade hops (pellets)


Malted barely is the most accepted grain used for home brewing and making beer in general because it has a very high enzyme content. Those enzymes are what give beer its consistency.

Good yeast makes good bread, and even better beer. Yeast is a very important home brewing ingredient. This is what ferments the malted grains, almost literally creating the alcohol part of your brew.

Don’t Forget The Water

Like this planet and the human body, the majority of beer is water. This, however does not make it acceptable to down sixty four ounces of your favorite beer. Also, the best water to use is not Dasani or Ozarka; the minerals in the water source that you use to make your home brew have more than a passing influence on what kind of beer you will turn out. Over the years you have heard these beer slogans. The Beer from 1100 springs, Coor’s It ain’t down stream beer. These brewers knew the importance of water. This page was sponsored by Visit

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