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Beer Brewing: Start Home Beer Brewing?

After drinking many different kinds of beers, as opposed to an excess of one kind of beer, then you begin to develop a taste for beer and then you all of a sudden start to search for a particular taste of beer that you would like to try because your experience with beer tells you that a certain taste may be good in beer.

Your quest begins and you start to want taste every micro brewed beer and foreign beer you can get your hands on and aside from getting very drunk you also start to realize that the taste you are searching for just may not be out there and that if you are looking for a specific taste that is out there then that may be an opportunity to get into beer brewing on your own and fill what you see as an opportunity in the beer brewing market. So you set out to learn the art of beer brewing and since beer brewing is something you are probably allowed to do in your home you get yourself a starter kit and your quest for that perfect tasting beer begins.

Start Brewing Your Own Beer

You can pick up a beer brewing starter kit almost anywhere and I have even seen them sold in a local supermarket in the same aisle as the soda pop and grape juice. I always wondered why it was not near the beer aisle but if you can put aside some bad planning on the part of your local vendor you can invest in a beer brewing starter kit for about $70 or so and find yourself diving into the world of being a master beer brewer.

It does not take long to realize why it takes years to learn how to brew just the most basic of beers and why it can be so difficult to brew a beer with any special kind of taste. You can most certainly learn beer brewing on your own but you are going to need to develop the same respect for the ingredients and the equipment that master beer brewers use.

Beer Brewing Consistency

When you are learning about beer brewing one of the first things any book, or brewer, will tell you is that if you want to brew the same tasting beer then consistency is extremely important and that consistency is not just in the ingredients but it is also in how you use and maintain your equipment as well. Beer has to ferment and anything added to the fermentation process, including cleaners or extra water from maintaining the equipment, can definitely affect how your beer tastes.

So good luck with your own beer and remember to write down every recipe you try because even the slightest change in a single ingredient can change everything. Have fun and remember that you don't have to drink everything you brew it’s ok to throw some out now and again or give it to your friends.



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